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Free Shipping above Rs 699. WhatsApp us on +919319900304.
Free Shipping above Rs 699. WhatsApp us on +919319900304.

About Us

Our Plantastic Story


LazyGardener story


After 2 years of research and brainstorming, inputs from various online gardening groups - An Innovative Gardening Solution "LazyGardener Plant Food Stick" has been developed.



plant fertilizer food sticks by lazygardener
These Plant Food Sticks will keep your green babies nourished for 2 months!
GreenStix for leafy foliage and BloomStix for flowers and fruits.

Our Team

LazyGardener Team



The initiative took off on 7th December, 2019 at a first of its kind Plant Meetup and was welcomed with enthusiasm by the attendees.

For us, Million is just a number. Our goal is to inspire as many Green Change Makers as possible because as conscious beings this is the least we can do towards our environment.


LazyGardener Plant meet up