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Plant Propagation

Rooting Houseplants is the easiest way to propagate your plants. This way, you can have new plants for free. Also, increase the aesthetic of your home.



Breathing life to your indoors is the new stroke of the modern interiors and Increase your houseplants collection and fill your house with your own water rooted plants. Also, share your new plants with friends and family! 


Presenting our Magnetic Hydroponic Planter 
This earthly vase would be perfect to celebrate the beauty of nature. This hand painted ceramic plant merges beautifully with any household, be it traditional, modern or artsy. It serves as a plant-holder magnet which could easily be a cute distraction for your guests. So the next time you wish to include plants anywhere in your home, here’s the most convenient way to do so! 
Gone are the days when to enjoy the greener look inside your house, you buy fake plant magnets. Now you can enjoy nature at places which earlier seemed impossible like the kitchen or even your bathroom. With these adorable ceramic vases, you can add the lovely green plants to your decor. And who doesn't enjoy a healthier intake of air without the mess?