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Combo 1 - Pumice Stone and Bloomstix

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Flowers are the real colours of life; the inspiration through which all art springs. The LAZY GARDENER’s Bloomstix were made to thank these beautiful beings for their existence by taking care of their nutrition and pigment as well as help the flowering plant produce fresher and healthier ones with the go. The Pumice Stone with the Bloomstix is a perfect combo because it not only takes care of the pigmented babies but also the water retaining capacity and hence, overall strength of the plant. Art and Function together!


  • Bloomstix
    1. For all flowering plants (Annuals/Perennials). 2. Each pack contains 50 sticks. 3. 100% natural & mineral-based fertilizer stick. 4. Easy & Mess-free unlike traditional fertilizer or liquid fertilizer. 5. Contains a perfect blend of micro and macronutrients for happy, thriving flowering plants.
  • Pumice Stone For Plants
    1. Unlike perlite, pumice can't easily be broken by hand. 2. It doesn't accumulate on top of the soil over time, as it is not as lightweight as perlite. 3. It has excellent drainage & moisture holding capacity. 4. It also absorbs excess moisture preventing root rot.

NOTE: Plants are not Included.

Key USP's

What's special about this product?


100% Organic

With absolutely no liquid or traditional fertilizers, Bloomstix are the best friends your flowering plants need.

Pumice Stone Mixed With Soil

The God of All Sustainable Drainage systems - Pumice Stone

Excellent drainage system for your plant while also retaining the water that it needs for growing healthily. 

Gift for Gardeners

The Perfect Gift

The Ultimate Gift Combo For Any Plant Lover!