Grow Bags- 8 * 8 inch Turquoise

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Disclaimer:  This grow bag can hold up to 3-4 kgs including the weight of the plant. The shade of each bag might differ. Please hand wash the products with water or use soap for dirty stains. Please do not machine wash.

Grow Bags for Roots to Breathe & Air-Prune

100% Hand-Made in India.

The first thing that comes to mind if we think about starting a garden at home is the mess and the sound of breaking clay pots! Well, we are here to solve this problem for you as well. Introducing our 100% handcrafted, grow bags that can help you grow your fruits, and vegetables anywhere like balcony, terrace garden, etc, without tilling beds or hilling up the soil. Also, harvesting happens in a snap; just dump out the soil and there you go! 

Why lazy gardener Grow Bags? 

This grow bag offers plenty of room to plant a decent harvest. The non-woven felt fabric air-prunes roots for stronger, happier, and healthier plants. It also prevents heat build-up, aerates the soil, and drains the excess water. The grow bags come with side handles with a double stitch that facilitates easy movement from one place to another. If you wish to pop some color in your beautiful garden space, these smart designs lazygardener grow bags will be a perfect buy to enhance your home decor. These bright colors will give your home garden space summer vibes. 

Want to know what is exactly Air-Pruning? And its benefit for your plant babies.

When roots are not exposed to air, they continue to grow around the pots in a constricted pattern. The roots may spiral, twist, kink, or become strangled. But, these Lazy Gardener Grows Bags promote roots to branch out in fine fibrous roots; as GrowBags are made up of patented fabric that allows air to pass through them.

This results:

1. Your plants to grow faster & bigger.

2. Reduced root rot, yellow leaves due to Over-Watering.

3. Encourage new roots & a healthy root system.

Note: As these Grow bags drain out excess water & minimize the chance of over-watering; you may need to more frequent in your watering schedule.

Sizes Available: Our range of grow bags is available in three sizes.
 - 8*8 inches
 - 10*10 inches 
 - 12*12 inches

Colors Available: Add bright beautiful colors to your home garden.
Grow Bag 8"*8" - Turquoise
Grow Bag 10"*10"- Marble Grey
Grow Bag 12"*12" Tomato Red

Other Features: 
--> Easy to carry and clean(Lightweight & durable)
--> Convenient to store.
This is a 100% handmade product made by women turned into skilled artisans, working in an NGO in Gazipur Slum Community. Our mission is to support them in their commitment to earning a dignified living.
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