Repotting Mat Combo- 1 big(32*32 inch) + 1 small(23*23 inch)

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Product Description

Plant Repotting Waterproof Square Mat for Gardening

Gone are the days when you had to sweep or vacuum your space after re-potting plants. Now, all you need to do to re-pot a plant is unsnap a corner and dump the spilled dirt back into your gardening bin of soil directly! 

Our indoor gardening repotting mats meet your multiple needs like repotting the plant from one pot to another, digging, watering, mixing soil, cleaning, or pruning. This mat is specially designed for succulents. It goes perfectly with the limited storage space and will go a shorter way to keep your house mess-free. A special feature of this product is that with its snapping corners, you can create a short wall around to save your area from any spills. The mat is supported with two snap buttons at each corner, which when buttoned up, creates a wall that easily prevents water and soil from spilling out. The small size mat is 23*23 and when buttoned up, it creates a wall of 1.5 inches on each side, freeing up the work area of 20”*20”. The big size mat is 32” and when buttoned up, it creates a wall of 4” on each side allowing you to work in 24”*24”. The inside of the mat is made of waterproof fabric that prevents water stains from leaking on the ground and avoids soiling the floor. Gift these mats to yourself to pamper or host a ‘garden’ day for your loved ones to have a better experience of gardening. Go shop for your favorite plants from a nursery and bring them home without any hassle!

Products Included: 1 Big(32 * 32 inch) + 1 Small(23 * 23 inch)

Sizes: This plant re-potting mat comes in 2 sizes.
- 23 * 23 inches
- 32 * 32 inches 

Size 23" * 23"
 Black & Royal Blue combination
Note: To purchase a smaller size re-potting mat, Click Here.

Size 32" * 32"
Black & Bright Green combination
Note: To purchase a bigger size re-potting mat, Click Here.


1. Plastic buttons to avoid rusting
2. Easy to wash, de-color, and carry clean.
3. Convenient to fold & store
4. Waterproof and damp proof, great for plant lovers.
5. Non-toxic, odorless.

This is a 100% handmade product made by women turned into skilled artisans, working in an NGO in Gazipur Slum Community. Our mission is to support them in their commitment to earning a dignified living. 
Repotting Mat Combo- 1 big(32*32 inch) + 1 small(23*23 inch)
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