Macrame Plant Wall Hanger (Triple Plant Hanger+ Black & Twisted)

Rs. 2,100.00 Rs. 1,799.00
Product Description
NOTE: Pots and Plants are not included. They are used only for reference.
Ideal for: Plant Pots with 4 to 8 inches diameter.

It's time to create your own green space with our macrame planters. These hangers can be utilized in your vertical space so that you will have more room for your plants. Hand weaved by artisans with 100% Organic Cotton Cords, this hanging planter is
perfect to give a niche look to your home or office decor. The best part is these are portable and can be moved into any section of your house to add a fresh look. Suitable for Office, kitchen, balcony, bedroom, living room, and dining areas.

Product Included: 1 Black & White Twisted Cord + 1 Triple Plant Hanger.
Macrame Plant Wall Hanger (Triple Plant Hanger+ Black & Twisted)
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