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Plant Care Heroes Combo

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Current price Rs. 949.00

This plant care combo is everything you need to make your plants & flowers more bushy, beautiful & bountiful. Consisting of Epsom Salt, Pumice Stone & Banana Peel Powder – our combo will take care of all your plant & soil health needs. It’s a must have for all avid gardeners. 

Epsom Salt
• Contributes significantly to plant health.
• 100% water soluble plant food.
• Increases the output of vegetation and flavor of fruits and veggies.

Banana Peel Powder
• Increases fruits & flowers yield especially in tomatoes, bell-peppers, roses, hibiscus, etc.
• Enhances plant strength to stay intact in plants like staghorn, spring onions, etc.
• Improves soil water holding capacity.
• Prevent fruit rot.
• Improves soil-aeration.

Pumice Stone
• Stimulates the growth of good bacteria, worms in the soil.
• Provides excellent drainage.
• Increases water retention for plants.
• Helps with Mulching.
• Loosens density of clay type of soil.

Note: Keep away from the reach of children below 3 years. Consult a physician if ingested.

How to use:

• Epsom Salt is a 100% water-soluble plant food
• Banana Peel Powder & Pumice Stone are super simple to use too – just mix it with soil & you are done. You can sprinkle the banana peel powder on top of the soil too.
• Each product packaging comes with all comprehensive usage details on the pack.

Key USP's

What's special about this product?

Multi Use
For indoor plants, lawn grass, flowers, fruits and veggies.
Plant Care Heroes Combo- Banana Peel Powder, Epsom Salt and Pumice Stone
100% Natural.
Watering Potted Plants
Pro Gardener
Helps grow bushier and bigger plants.


Use the Lazy Gardener Plant Hero combo periodically for best results – look at the product packaging for our individual usage recommendation. 

Epsom Salt