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Free Shipping above Rs 699. WhatsApp us on +919319900304.

Combo 5 - Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer, Epsom Salt, Banana Peel Powder and Pumice Stone

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Jingling through the Christmas and the New Year, you must spread the merriment to your plants as well. Get them a special combo of Plant care hero & seaweed to help them revive beautifully. (benefits) What are you waiting for? Rush to get yourself one!

LAZY GARDENER brings to you SEAWEED, a natural, organic and absolutely non-toxic plant food for indoor plants. Extracted from selected sea-algae that is rich in micro, macro, amino acids, N-P-K & natural hormone(Cytokinins, Gibberellins and Auxins), Seaweed provides overall nourishment to the plant, promoting their strength and inner health.

  • Epsom Salt
    1. Provides two important nutrients for vigorous plant growth. 2. Magnesium helps to increase chlorophyll production that helps to make abundant food in the presence of sunlight. 3. Sulphur corrects alkalinity & prevents Sulphur deficiency. 4. It also corrects yellowing of leaves which is caused by magnesium/Sulphur deficiency.
  • Organic Banana Peel Powder
    1. Ideal for kitchen garden, fruiting plants & horticulture flower plants. 2. Improves water holding capacity of the soil. 3. Prevents fruit rot & improves soil-aeration.
  • Pumice Stone
    1. Unlike perlite, pumice can't easily be broken by hand. 2. It doesn't accumulate on top of the soil over time, as it is not as lightweight as perlite. 3. It has excellent drainage & moisture holding capacity. 4.  It also absorbs excess moisture preventing root rot.
NOTE: Plants are not Included.