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plant food sticks are hassle-free fertiliser

This combo contains 2 pack of Green stix and 2 pack of Bloom stix i.e 100 Greensticks & 100 Bloomsticks. A single piece of plant food stick feeds your plant babies for 2 months. 

Give your houseplants the right nutrition with plant food sticks. These plant food sticks are mineral-based and 100% natural. Easy to use and feeds your plants for 60 days. Now a busy but caring plant parent can also keep their potted plants happy. 

  • Fit for Greener & Healthier houseplants.
  • Fit for Kitchen Garden, Fruiting plants in pots.
  • Fit for Succulents and Bonsai.


Benefit of plant food sticks

Introducing Greenstix, all-purpose plant food sticks provide complete balanced nutrition to your plants. it contains a perfect blend of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients for overall & steady plant growth.
Lazygardener sticks

benefit of bloomsticks

Introducing Bloomstix, flowering plant food sticks which enhance blooming in your flowering plants. Bloom stix is a bloom booster for flowering houseplants. Bloom stix also works for plants with colourful leaves, fruiting plants and vegetables.

Benefit of plant food sticks
Plant food sticks fertilize your indoor/outdoor houseplants for 2 months. Maintain healthy & steady growth for 60 days. As you water, a small part of sticks dissolve into the soil and further taken up by roots.
Plant food sticks are organic and chemical free
Note: A single piece of plant food sticks feeds your plants for 2 months. 

Benefit of plant food sticks

As these lazy gardener sticks come in a stick form so, it is very easy to use. Also, freedom from all the mess, unlike traditional fertilizer involve. Just open the packet of plant food sticks, insert the sticks in the moist soil and it will fertilize your indoor plants for 2 months.


How to use plant food sticks
How to apply Lazy Gardener sticks:
  • Insert depending on pot size(table on the back of the pack). Each pack of Greenstix and Bloomstix contains 50 sticks.
While you insert, make sure soil is moist and press the stick into the soil until fully inserted.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How many stix in one pack?

Answer:  Each pack contains 50 sticks.

  • How much time will I get my parcel?

Answer: If you order now, it will ship today. Average delivery time is 3 days. 

  • Can I use any other fertilizer with this stix?

Answer: After inserting the sticks you don't need to use any other fertilizer.

  • How much time will I get the result?

Answer:  You will start seeing the result of these sticks between 30-45 days.

  • Is it organic? Does it have chemicals? 

Answer: These sticks are completely natural, just like your plant babies!!


 If you are new to gardening, you can try our trial pack which contains 1 pack of Greenstix & 1 pack of Bloomstix.

Test Beginner Pack
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