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Trial Pack Plant food sticks LazyGardener
Plant fertiliser for indoor plants
Bloom sticks for flowery plants
Plant fertilizer sticks Lazy Gardener
Trial Pack Plant food sticks LazyGardener
Trial Pack

Trial Pack

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Green sticks for green plants and Bloomstix for flowers
A perfect combination for happy & thriving houseplants🌿. The combo set contains 1 pack Greenstix and 1 pack Bloomstix. Apply once, and the sticks will feed your plants for up to 60 days.   
Lazygardener plant fertilizer food stick

 You may be busy, but your plant still needs nutrition to be healthy! Plant food stick is an innovative gardening solution for busy but caring plant parents. No more guesswork of when to fertilize your plant and freedom from the mess, unlike traditional fertilizer. 

Plant food sticks by lazygardener

Hassle-Free & Slow-Release: 

Perfect balanced plant food in the form of a stick. Insert once and the plant gets fed for up to 2 months/60 days while normal fertilizer involves efforts and time. 

Happy plants are now as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Open the pack 
  2. Insert the plant nutrition sticks in the pot
  3. Water and Enjoy your healthy plants 🌱 
How to use lazy gardener sticks

Essential Nutrition & Chemical-free:

All-purpose plant food: Green stix is for green houseplants. The special formulation ensures healthy/happy plants with lush green foliage.

Bloom Booster: Bloom stix enhances flowering in the flowering/fruiting plants, maintain the colour of plants with colourful leaves. Customer reviews their dormant flowering plants blooms by using bloom sticks.

Natural & Safe: Made from high-quality natural minerals. Completely safe for the environment and for you to use in plants! You can use in your kitchen garden.

Nutrients in Plant Food Sticks

Best Fertilizer for houseplants

In GreenStix, Nitrogen is more because green plants need it for leaf growth and lush green colour. In BlooomStix, Phosphorus is more because it promotes flowering in flowering plants. 

GREENSTIX (Pack of 50 Sticks):

Green stick uses

BLOOMSTIX (Pack of 50 Sticks):

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    How to use plant food sticks:

    1. Measure the diameter of the pot to calculate the number of sticks to use.
    2. Insert a stick in moist soil. Press until fully inserted. Insert other sticks around the plant.  
    3. Water plants regularly as usual.
    4. Replenish sticks every 45 to 60 days.

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