• How to buy a healthy plants at the nursery?

    How to buy a healthy plants at the nursery? | Tips to choose a healthy plants
    Do you feel the wave of excitement every time you pass by a plant shop? Do you immediately feel the urge to spend all your life savings on plants? I know I do. And while I am all for being impulsive with buying plants, you still have to make sure you don’t buy plants that aren’t healthy.  So why don’t you come along with...
  • Easy to care & low-maintenance indoor plants

    Easy to care & low-maintenance indoor plants
    The enthusiasm to keep houseplants is sometimes overpowered by procrastination and lethargy. We want to keep plants, but don’t want the responsibility of taking care of them and giving them constant attention. What we need is a plant that doesn’t need any time or care. Let’s take this to another level, we want plants that thrive on neglect. Do they exist? Of course! 1....
  • Top 10 Trailing plants

    Top 10 Trailing plants
    Trailing plants can be the one thing that’s missing in your garden. They can be the best tool to fill up spaces that are left plain, they can be used to create the perfect cascading aesthetic, making your garden look like a forest. And most of all, they add height and texture to space which is very important to create visual interest. Here are...
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