Yes, This feeds your plant

Hassle Free, Feeds upto 2 months

Revolution in plant food technology

Presenting two variants of plant food sticks which would help you feed your plants in the optimum manner. The sticks contain high quality Guano.

All Purpose Plant Food Sticks

All Purpose Flowering Sticks

Plant food like never before!

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What is Lazy Gardener?

LazyGardener is a passion project born out of necessity and a bit of curiosity. We were born into families of avid gardeners, our earliest memories awash with sunlight, the smell of khad and bursting marigolds. However, with our parents ageing and ourselves caught up with the daily hustle, our gardens seemed to miss the care and nurture of earlier times.

At LazyGardener, we present easy and innovative gardening solutions, to take you back to the simple pleasures of gardening.

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