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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

Frequently Asked Questions


 Below you'll find the answer to the questions we get asked the most about Plant Food Sticks. 


Do I need to give water to my plant after inserting the sticks?

Generally plants require 3 things- sunlight,water and nutrition. Depriving them of any of these things will result in poorer plant health. This stick gives nutrition to the plants but plants need water and sunlight as per their specific needs to survive.

In how much time will I get the result?

Depending on the season,the plant on which you have used and the light and water it gets you will start seeing the result of these sticks between 2-4 weeks.

Can I use any other fertilizer with these Plant Food Sticks?

After inserting the sticks you don't need to use any other fertilizer.

Can I use these stix for my ground/water plants?

We recommend this stick for potted plants only. Though some of our customers have used it in ground and water also with good results.

Can we use both together?

There’s no point in using both together because the plant won't take in more food/nutrition than what it needs. For vegetables which grow from flowers or flowering plants, 1st use Greenstix till flowering season and during flowering season use Bloomstix.

Can we use these sticks in tree?

We recommend these sticks for potted plants only.

What is the shelf-life of these sticks?

Current batch has an expiry date of 2023. But make sure it’s stored in a dry and cool place.

How many sticks should i use in the plant?

You need to insert the number of sticks according to the pot size. Like for a 4 inch pot you need to insert 1 stick, for a 6 inch pot you need to insert 2 sticks, for an 8 inch pot you need to insert 4 sticks,for 10 inch pot you need to insert 6 sticks.

What to do with the inserted stix after 2 months?

After 2 months these sticks will dissolve in your plant and again you have to insert new sticks.