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Free Shipping above Rs. 849. For any query WhatsApp Us at +919105593055.

Organic Banana Peel Powder (Fertilizer)

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Original price Rs. 350.00
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Quantity: Pack of 1- 900 Grams

The amount we love gardening here at the Lazy Gardener HQ is simply Bananas! (See what we did there?) Introducing a naturally made Banana Peel Fertilizer! The Love Your Plants Need. Banana Peel Powder is rich in Potassium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Manganese. 

Improves overall health of the plants; promotes bigger, tastier & bountiful fruits flowers & resists pest attack.

Uses of banana peel powder

    Note: Keep away from children & store in a cool, dry place.

    Key USP's

    What's special about this Banana Peel Fertilizer?

    Increases fruit and flower yieldImproves water holding capacity of soil
    Helps to grow plants


    • 100% Natural & Bio-organic.
    • Increases fruits & flowers yield especially in tomatoes, bell-peppers, roses, hibiscus, etc.
    • Enhances plant strength to stay intact in plants like staghorn, spring onions, etc.
    • Improves soil water holding capacity.
    • Prevent fruit rot.
    • Improves soil-aeration.

    How to use banana peel powder

    1. Directly sprinkle 1 handful of powder around the plant.

    Adding banana peel powder around the plant

    2. Mix with soil & pour water thoroughly.

    Watering potted plants

    3. Alternatively you can mix 100 gm in 2 litre water, stir until it dissolves properly. Repeat every 45-60 days.

    Watering plants

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Best product

    Amazing product its really helpful for plants growth. Thanks for seller


    Very useful product.

    Benifitial for plant's better growth. Must buy and try once. No need to use any fertilizer with this. It helps in flowering and fruiting in your plants and make stem strong

    Perfect Flower Fertilizer, my plants love this.

    Used this banana peel powder in my plants & now they are thriving especially my flowers. Also, very easy to use. Thank you lazy gardener.

    Atanu Mukherjee
    Use Lazy Gardner's Banana Peel Powder on your pot and notice its magic.

    The source of natural potassium in nature is very low. It is mainly found in large quantities in plants. Banana peel is one such source from which the potassium of plants is obtained. In this case, the initiative of Lazy Gardner is really commendable. They made banana peel powder from banana peel and prepared this fancy product for us, especially those of us who plant on cane, from which the plant can absorb potassium very quickly. Use Lazy Gardner's Banyanana Peel Powder on your pot and notice its magic. I have used it and got unexpected results.