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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

Million Gardeners

Lazy Gardener to inspire 1 million people into home gardening
  • Our mission is to bring a positive change in the climate through gardening, by inspiring 1 million people into home gardening.
  • 1 million people into home gardening as a way to improve micro-environment.
  • To inspire young generation for gardening and thus creating a more environmentally conscious generation.
  • We educate and raise awareness about the need to take immediate action to slow down climate change.
  • Inspiring people into home gardening will also improve their mental health and mental well-being.


Our Mission and Vision

We envision reaching 1 million gardeners to practice home gardening by 2022. For us, million is just a number. We endeavor to inspire as many new gardeners as possible to make our surrounding a greener place. To accomplish this we are creating an action groups in 25 cities across India which will meet twice a month to promote gardening.

How do we implement:

  • Though Leadership Events: Bring together people who can spread the
    message using their influence in community or through their social media
    presence. These events are aimed at communicating the need for home
    gardening, and how collectively home gardeners too can help in positive
    climate change.
  • Workshops through local action groups: Groups are established across India to conduct workshops to handhold new gardeners through the learning phase.
  • High Quality, Free Content in Local languages: Create tutorials and guides on actionable and practical methods for home gardening.
  • Innovation: Create new solutions to enable gardening for new gardeners.
  • Individual Partnerships: Create an ecosystem of partnerships with people from various walks of life, who may have influence in community or through social media. Inspiring people through trusted personas.
  • Institutional Partnerships: Collaborate with schools/ colleges and companies to hold workshops on gardening and to create awareness about mental well-being and how gardening could help improve it.