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Easy to care & low-maintenance indoor plants

10 Low Maintenance and Easy To Care Indoor Plants In India

The enthusiasm to keep houseplants is sometimes overpowered by procrastination and lethargy. We want to keep plants, but don’t want the responsibility of taking care of them and giving them constant attention. What we need is a plant that doesn’t need any time or care. Let’s take this to another level, we want plants that thrive on neglect. Do they exist? Of course!

1. ZZ plant:

It is at the top of the list for a reason. The ZZ plant is a low light tolerant plant, it loves the soil being dried out between watering. It is a relatively slow grower so it needn’t be re-potted very often.

ZZ plant

 The perfect plant for a lazy gardener! Its scientific name being Zamioculcas Zamifolia, its care needs are not even close to being as complicated as its name!

2. Arrowhead plant:

Better known as Syngonium, this is a fast-growing, vining plant. It needs to be watered only when the top several inches are dry and it pretty much hassle-free.

 Arrowhead plant

With its leaves being in an interesting shape, it also comes in different shades of green and different sizes, all extremely easy to maintain!

3. Sedum:

A lesser talked about a plant, but extremely beautiful. This is a plant that likes full sun and needs very less water. It can create a really great focal point in a hanging pot. It is also a delicate plant that doesn’t need any pruning as such.

Sedum Plant

If a leaf is drying or yellowing, it naturally just falls down. Why it is on this list is because its mostly very “keep it and forget it” type of a plant. Only needs water after several days and doesn’t seem to pose any gardening challenges. 

4. Snake plant:

This list is incomplete without the snake plant, in fact, any list would be and with good reason! The Sansevieria is very easy to care plant. It can take any light. It hates being in too much water so that’s also not something you would have to do very often.

Snake plant

It also grows pretty well if kept in a brighter light area than low light. This is a must-have in any house!

5. Lucky Bamboo:

A perfect house warming gift! It can be grown in soil or even just water! It doesn’t like direct sun, making it a perfect indoor plant. It makes no fuss, it grows slowly in just water, but you can really see it shoot up in the soil.

Lucky bamboo - easy to care indoor plants

If it's in water, there’s pretty much no care involved! And if it's in soil, you just have to water it once in a while!

6. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera has a lot of medicinal properties and although people think it is hard to take care of, it is actually one of the easiest. It does not like being watered too much, in fact, people water it too much, which usually ends in it rotting.

Aloe vera plant

The fleshy inside of the aloe vera leaf is full of water stored for the plant. Which is why it needs very less water in the soil. It also keeps giving out new babies which are always nice to see!

7. Air plants:

If this plant doesn’t even need soil to grow, it can’t be that time-consuming! Air plants only need air and a good soaking in water once every 1 or 2 weeks. Other than that, air plants are not at all going to take up any time, energy or space.

Tillandsia(Air plant)

In addition to all of this, they look so cool that anyone who comes to your house is surely going to ask you about this plant!

8. Dracaena:

Although they like being outdoors, dracaenas can be kept indoors. They are drought tolerant which makes them perfect for someone who forgets to water their plants.

Dracaena fragrans

They can live in indirect bright lights indoor and they can thrive from a little neglect. Go ahead this plant won’t disappoint!

9. Cactus:

People usually start with a cactus as their first plant and it truly is beginner-friendly. You can water it once a week and let the soil dry out and it will do great. Keep it in a bright spot and that’s about it!


Plus, cacti come in so many different varieties of shapes, sizes and colours! So much to choose from! Some cacti even bloom in certain times of the year which is just so rewarding to watch!

10. Any cuttings:

This is not plant-specific but, taking a cutting from your friends or family is a good way to start the plant collection. It has next to no care needs. Just change the water once in a while. No problems with soil or pots or saucers or any of that! The cherry on top being that watching roots grow is extremely satisfying. You get to see how a plant looks in its entirety and it’s very pleasing and gratifying. Some plants that root well are Money plant, Syngonium, Philodendrons. If you really have the patience, you can try rooting snake plants and ZZ in water, just that you’ll have to wait for months! 

Try keeping any of these plants and it’s a guarantee that any person who is lazy can successfully call themselves a Lazy Gardener!



Until next time,

Have a lovely day and Happy Planting!!

Gayatri Vaidya©

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