Best Plants for Vertical Garden


When we don’t have enough space for a large garden or your balcony is already full of plants, you have to find new ways. We all want more and more plants, but space is a big constraint these days. Vertical Gardens are an excellent way to maximise the use of an empty wall. Just imagine an entire wall of just lush green plants! 

Vertical gardens are very popular these days. You can even find local agencies that come home and make an entire vertical garden for you. Of course, you can do that if you don’t want the hassle.

Another way to have a homemade personalised vertical garden is to get your own wall planters. You can buy them in bulk. And you can arrange them in whatever way you want.

Let’s look at some great options of plants for a vertical garden 

1.Money plant:

I think this one is obvious. It’s the easiest to care for. It grows fast and can be propagated very easily. It tolerates just about any amount of light. What more do you need! There are several types to choose from. And it’s a vining plant so it’s going to look very pretty cascading doing the vertical space!


Ferns can be excellent for vertical gardens that are placed in bright indirect light. As you are gathering several ferns in one place, it increases humidity which they love! you can use several types of ferns like Boston fern, Maiden Hair Fern, Birds nest fern etc. they aren’t very hard to take care of. You just have to make sure you’re keeping the soil slightly moist and not too dry or soggy.

3. Philodendron Xanadu:

A funky looking plant that will add a cool feature in your vertical garden. It’s very easy to take care of and it keeps sprouting out new leaves! Its stems are long so you can use it to bring out certain areas on the vertical space if you want. It likes moist soil and does well in any light!


I see so many of these small succulent vertical boxes and it always gives me so much joy! Succulents work very well in these vertical garden boxes. If you have a little space in your brightly lit balcony, you must make one of these! The Echeveria and the burrows tail are very easy to take care of. You just need to keep in mind not to overwater these!

5.Wandering Jew:

Iv talked about these before and these are very very fast growers. They’re fine with any amount of light or any type of soil. They also have a very pretty purple colour which can add a very different hue to your vertical garden. They can be watered when the soil is slightly dry. They also vine and propagate very easily.

Honestly, you can keep just about any plant in a vertical garden. It’s all up to you! 

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Have a lovely day!

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