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Why my Chilly plant flowers are falling off?

Why my Chilly plant flowers are falling off?

You put in all your love into your chilli plant. Give it all the care, do whatever necessary to make it work. But then it slowly starts declining. Its chillies start falling off and dying. It's very sad to see all your hard work go away. So, let's learn a few things you can do if this happens!

First, check if there are any pests. The most common cause for a plant to get eaten is bugs like cabbage worms or mealy bugs. So, make sure you remove any Pests you see and spray neem oil and water mixture every 15 days or so.

Chilli growing on plant

Now don’t be afraid to prune the plant. If you see any branch drying up, cut it off. The plant is wasting energy on a branch that will no longer give you any chillies, so its better prune those off so that the plant can give its energy into new growth! 

When you snip the top of the plant that’s dry, it will also promote growth from the bottom which will make it branch out and be bushier!

Check if the plant has outgrown the pot. It's possible that if the plant is too big for the pot, its roots are not getting enough room to breathe or take nutrition from the soil. If the roots are bursting out of the drainage holes or from the top, it may be time to repot it into a slightly bigger pot.

So, after all this, you can fertilise your plant. You can use good Compost made at home. Avoid giving the plant too much Nitrogen-rich liquid fertiliser, which can make the plant drop its fruit.

It may seem like the right thing to do, over fertilising, but the plant may not be able to handle that and it will drop the blooms. Avoid overwatering as well.

Keep it in a very bright spot of the house. If it doesn’t get enough light, it may not give the desired results.

Red and green healthy chillies growing

Keep a check on your watering habits. Don’t let the soil get too dry. Keep a consistent watering schedule. Keep the soil slightly moist at all times but not soggy.

Don’t lose hope immediately. If your plant is wilting or dying, you can try all these things to try to make it better!

And who knows maybe you’ll get lots of chillies one day be glad you didn’t throw away the plant!



Until next time,

I hope you have a lovely day!

Gayatri Vaidya©




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