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Easy to grow plants in Winter

Easy to grow plants in Winter

People often think that all plants go Dormant in the winter. Yes, some do. But some continue to give out beautiful blooms even in the dead of winter.

Let’s see some plants that thrive in winter

1. Marigold

Here in India, you can’t skip on the marigold flowers for any festival! We use it for decoration in Diwali, we make garlands and hang it out the front door and, on our vehicles, so why not grow them in our garden? These blooms will add a beautiful warm hue in a rather cold blue winter weather. You can water this plant when the top 2 inches of soil is dry. They like bright direct light so you can keep them right next to a large window or in your balcony/ garden. They also repel mosquitos which are just an added bonus!




These plants are so easy to take care of and they have such adorable blooms. They instantly make your garden look like something you saw off of Pinterest! They like bright direct sunlight and water when soil is dry! That’s it! These plants would look so adorable in a window plant rack or the edge on your balcony!



Funny name but a hardy plant! I don’t know how, but I have so many of these growing without me even trying! And I love that! They seem to be very good at self-multiplying and they grow very fast. I water when the soil is dry and they get beautiful pink coloured tops.


4. Spinach

A vegetable you can grow in winter in spinach. It’s very easy and you will have homegrown spinach in around 20-30 days. You can sow fresh seeds in a good rich potting mix like 60% garden soil and 40% compost. Keep the soil moist, they like moisture but do not overwater. You can cut the spinach at the base and leave a little stem and more will grow!



This is a very hardy plant! It has a beautiful natural aroma that can make a room smell very nice. The plant itself looks so pretty and delicate. It likes bright light and very well-draining soil. It doesn’t need a lot of water, so you can water it as the soil dries out. It is easy to grow this from cuttings or seeds!


That’s it, guys!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Until next time,

Gayatri Vaidya ©


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