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Stainless Steel Khurpi

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Original price Rs. 499.00
Rs. 499.00
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Color: Red
Introducing our 100% stainless steel Khurpi. At Lazy Gardener, we take the pursuit of gardening very seriously. We specially design tools to make sure you have the best, most effective experience while you sow, nurture, and grow. Our garden Khurpi is one such example of a high quality product that is a must-have for your gardening toolkit.
  • Perfect for small to medium sized pots.
  • Made with pure stainless steel.
  • Stylish hand painted ceramic handle.
  • Height 8 in, metal part 3.5 in.
How to use?
Use the Lazy Gardener Khurpi for gardening in small to medium pots, removing weeds and also sowing.

NOTE: Plants are not Included.

Key USP's

What's special about this product?

Stainless Steel Khurpi With Ceramic Handle
Style Quotient 

The beautiful handcrafted ceramic handle makes it a stand out product.

High Quality
Durable and made with 100% Stainless Steel.
The Perfect Gift
Lazy Gardener Khurpi makes for a thoughtful and sustainable gift.


1. Conveniently sized for home gardening.
2. Sturdy and Stylish.
3. Makes for an oh-so-thoughtful gift for any plant parent.