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Aqua Plant Food - Fertilizer for plants growing in water

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Title: Aqua Plant Food- For Water plants

Aqua Plant Food is a specially formulated fertilizer for lucky bamboo and money plants growing in water. With just a few drops added to your plant's water, Aqua Plant Food will provide the essential nutrients your plants need to thrive and grow healthy and strong. Aqua Plant Food is easy to use and highly effective, so you can enjoy beautiful and vibrant plants without any hassle. Simply add a few drops of Aqua Plant Food to your plant's water and watch as your lucky bamboo and money plants flourish. Try Aqua Plant Food today and see the difference it can make for your plants.

    Disclaimer: Do not overdose the plants with the liquid fertilizer. The overuse may prove to be harmful to the plants. The product does not contain any insecticides or pesticides and is strictly a fertilizer.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Thanks !!

    The products are very useful. The flowering ability has increased dramatically. My plants look happy. My garden looks beautiful.

    Montubhai M Patel
    Superb result 👌👌👌

    Great results in my lucky bamboo

    Miracle for plants

    I am a plant lover, but travel most of the time for work. I was seeing the ads for quite some time, but never thought of buying plant sticks as I am an old school gardener. But I was seeing that while I am away most of the time, my plants are getting dull, droopy. I decided to try it once. And it worked like a magic. Not only the plants springed back with a new lease of life, I could see lesser attacks of fungus etc. I am really happy with the magic potion. Will try other variants too.

    Prabha .

    I will hv to use and after the flowers yield is good I can give result

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