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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

Best Indoor Plants For Home

Don't worry if you have small space in your indoor house. You can still have plants at your home. There are many indoor plants which are suitable according to space and conditions. 

Different types of indoor plant used for home decor 

There are benefits of having indoor house plants. Plants absorb all background noise, keep you calm & reduce the temperature down. NASA, recently approved many indoor plants that absorb/reduce pollutants. Above all, plants keep the environment positive near you.

How much sunlight do Indoor plants need? 

The amount of sunlight depends from plant to plants. Here is the image by which you can understand sunlight distribution for your home.You can find best indoor plants for little light, common indoor flowering plants, colorful indoor plants low light, best indoor plants for air, etc.
Explanation of sunlight distribution

Below are the lists of best indoor house plants according to your home space & conditions:


1. Best low light indoor plants

  • Sansevieria / Snake plant
  • Pothos / Money plant
  • Syngonium / Arrowhead
  • T. zebrina / Wandering jews
  • ZZ plant
  • Spider plant
  • Philodendron
  • Areca palm
  • Ferns
  • Dumb cane

Best low light indoor plants


    2. Best colorful indoor plants (Non-Flowering) 

    • Tradescantia Zebrina
    • Peperomia
    • Golden / Neon pothos
    • Dracaena
    • Begonia
    • Pink Syngonium
    • Aglaonema/Chinese evergreen
    • Oxalis triangularis
    • Sansevieria/Snake plant

     Best indoor non-flowering plants

    3. Best indoor flowering plants

    Most of the flowering plants need direct sunlight. But, there are some flowering indoor plants which need bright sunlight. You can keep below plants where bright sunlight comes.
    • Peace lily 
    • Bird of paradise
    • Anthurium
    • Orchids
    • Ixora

    Best indoor flowering plants


      4. Best air purifying indoor plants

      • Money plant
      • Peace lily
      • Snake plant
      • Areca palm
      • Rubber plant
      • Aloe vera
      • English-ivy
      • Spider plant
      • Chinese-evergreen
      • Weeping-fig

      Best air-purifying indoor plants


        5. Best indoor house plants for kitchen garden

        • Any herbs on the window sill
        • Ferns
        • Philodendron
        • Peperomia
        • String of Pearls
        • Fiddle fig leaf
        • Aloe vera
        • English ivy

        Best indoor plants for kitchen garden



        Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

        We all know to have plants indoor or outdoor is easy but to care all the needs of plants is tricky. The 3 basic things that plants need are- light, water, and nutrition. 
        LazyGardener has come up with unique plant fertilizer which is completely mess-free & hassle-free. Plant food sticks by the lazy gardener is a miracle for gardeners who is busy but love their indoor plants.

        Plant food sticks

        Best indoor plant fertilizer
        Plant fertilizer sticks, currently available in two variants. GreenStix & BloomStix. Green stix for green indoor plants for home. Bloom stix for all indoor flowering plants.
        Key benefit:

        ***Hassle-free, Slow-release, Essential-nutrition and Bloom-booster***

        GreenStix for indoor plant fertilizer
        Plant food sticks is a mineral-based, combine in stick form which makes this hassle-free to use. Now, you don't have to do guesswork about when to fertilize your indoor plants as this fertilizes for 60 days. 
        How it works & How to apply it in indoor potted plants?
        LazyGardener plant fertilizer sticks have all 3 macro-nutrients(npk) and 6 micro-nutrients. it all has its importance in plant overall health growth. Below table state the different role of these nutrients in plants growth.

        Why plant food sticks works?

        These food sticks for plants fertilize your indoor plants in seconds. Insert the number of sticks according to the pot diameter and you are done for 2 months. As you water, a small amount of sticks part dissolve into the soil & get absorbed by roots. Happy Gardening!!


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