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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

Bougainvillea fertilizer sticks - BloomStix

Bloom Booster for Bougainvillea

**Low nitrogen & high phosphorus fertilizer sticks**

Bougainvillea is a perennial plant which thrives well and gives you cascading flowers. it grows best in bright sun, need proper water schedule during its growing period. And the important bougainvillea fertilizer requirements is low nitrogen percentage.


BloomStix for healthy and bountiful Bougainvillea


How to make bougainvillea bloom more?

To encourage new growth and plenty of flowers to bloom, it needs pruning and fertilizer.

Bloom Stix for Bougainvillea in pots

best fertilizer for potted bougainvillea

Bloomstix for flowering plants and bougainvillea


Bloom-Booster for Bougainvillea in pots/containers:

To avoid vegetative growth more, they need low nitrogen high phosphorus fertilizer. Bloomstix, plant food for bougainvillea is a mineral-based natural fertiliser promote flowers. Also, useful for other flowering plants which need low nitrogen fertilizer.
Bloom sticks for bougainvillea contain low nitrogen & high phosphorus percentage. Phosphorus in bloomstick helps to develop strong roots and promote flowering.

Applying BloomStix - fertilizing bougainvillea in pots:

Bloomstix for flowering plants and bougainvillea

Bloom stick is very easy to use & mess-free, unlike traditional granular chemical fertilizer. Insert sticks according to the pot size.

 Slow-release natural fertilizer:

Bougainvillea needs frequent fertilization during its flowering season. No worries with bloomstix as this feeds your bougainvillea for 2 months. A small amount of bloom stick gets absorbed into the soil every time you watered the plants. 
BloomStix fertilizer sticks

Say no to traditional fertilizer and buy bloomstix. A modern solution for gardening. 

To order the lazy gardener bloomstix, you can Call/Whatsapp us on +919319900314. Note: We also provide Greenstix for green and leafy vegetables.