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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

Best fertilizer for Lemon Tree in pots

***All-purpose fertilizer for Lemon/Nimbu/Citrus tree in pots***

Fertilizer for greener and bigger lemon

Growing lemon tree in the garden is very delightful and profitable. But when your lemon plant is not growing despite all efforts and fertilizer. it hurts you and your lemon plant baby too. Its because your citrus plant in a pot might not be getting enough nutrition as it needs.


Do you know Lemon/Citrus tree comes under heavy feeder category of the plant?

Heavy feeder means a tree/plant requires continuous high nitrogen fertilizer. The lemon tree requires fertilizer rich in nitrogen during its growing year. The dark green color of the leaves is due to nitrogen. Nitrogen is also responsible for a large amount of lush foliage in the lemon tree.

Green Stix - Best Fertilizer for Lemon/Citrus tree in pots

***Hassle-Free, Essential Nutrition & Slow-Release***
Greenstix for heavy feeder citrus tree fertilizer

Green stick for green plants
Generally, people know how to grow a lemon plant in the pot and feed them with a normal fertilizer. So most of them, have a problem that their lemon tree is healthy but not flowering. It is because their lemon tree requires high nitrogen fertilizer.
LazyGardener has developed a high nitrogen fertilizer "GreenStix". GreenStix here feeds your lemon tree in pots in seconds. Specially crafted for potted plants.

Key Benefits:

Greensticks is a slow-release, hassle-free and have all essential nutrition for lemon plant.
NPK ratio is 10-5-6 and micro-nutrients like boron, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, molybdenum.These micro-nutrients helps plants in pigments production, growth hormone production and fight diseases.
Benefits of using GreenStix
Note: During the flowering stage of lemon/citrus tree in pots use our BloomStix. To order Green stick for your lemon/citrus in pots, whats app us on
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