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Happy with Plants

It's one more step towards our 1 Million gardeners initiative. On the 50th Earth day ( 22/04/20 ), we started a series on focusing the theme “Happy with Plants”, encouraging each and everyone to take up gardening. As the flagship, we shared a video with happy plant parents and further we had live discussions with plant influencers from across the spectrum. Let's give back to Mother Earth by pursuing gardening and share the happiness all around. 


Happy with plants ft. Plant Parent: In this video, we are sharing happy people with their plant babies. This video is created during quarantine. We are thankful to everyone to make this possible.

In the series, we had live discussions on Instagram with awesome Plant Parents across the globe. 

Summer Rayne Oakes is an author of the books: "How to make a plant love you", "Cultivate green space in your home and heart". She lives with 700+ plants in her New- York apartment. 

With Summer, we discussed about "How to involve more people to gardening" and "How to make plants to like you".

Darryl Cheng is the author of the book: "The New Plant Parent". He lives in Toronto. 
With Darryl, we discussed about more practical-based approach. So, it could help thousands to understand essentials of houseplant care. And finally to become a guilt-free plant parent.
Jhelum Biswas Bose is the author of the book, "Phoolproof". A book dedicated to flowers, especially Indian flowers. She was the beauty editor of many lifestyle magazine.
With Jhelum, we discussed about the flowers of India. Moreover their significance in Indian traditions. Also, how we can incorporate flowers in food, beauty and healing treatments.
Lisa Eldred Steinkopf is the author of book, "Grow in the Dark", "Houseplant Party" and "Houseplants The Complete Guide". 
With Lisa, we had discussed about the basic of houseplant care and how plants do in the dark. She also shared her journey with houseplants with us.