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Plant Food Sticks

Plant food sticks is an innovative approach to feed plants. The correct nutrition, using natural minerals, is packed as a stick.



Presenting two variants of plant food sticks which would help you feed your plants in the optimum manner.

- GreenStix for green houseplants.

- BloomStix for flowering plants.


Why Plant Food Sticks?

How to apply LazyGardener Plant Food Sticks?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many sticks in one pack?

Answer:  Each pack contains 50 sticks.

Q. How much time will I get my parcel?

Answer: If you order now, it will ship today. Average delivery time is 3 days. 

Q. Can I use any other fertiliser with this stix?

Answer: After inserting the sticks you don't need to use any other fertilizer.

Q. How much time will I get the result?

Answer:  You will start seeing the result of these sticks between 30-45 days.

Q. Is it organic? Does it have chemicals? 

Answer: These sticks are completely natural, just like your plant babies!!

 If you are new to gardening, you can try our trial pack which contains 1 pack of Greenstix & 1 pack of Bloomstix.

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