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Free Shipping above Rs. 849. For any query WhatsApp Us at +919105593055.
Free Shipping above Rs. 849. For any query WhatsApp Us at +919105593055.

Plant Food Sticks

BloomStix and GreenStix

Plant food sticks is an innovative approach to feed plants. The correct nutrition, using natural minerals, is packed as a stick.

GreenStix and BloomStix Packets



Presenting two variants of plant food sticks which would help you feed your plants in the optimum manner.

- GreenStix for green houseplants.

- BloomStix for flowering plants.


Why Plant Food Sticks?

Benefits of using plant food sticks

How to apply LazyGardener Plant Food Sticks?

GreenStix is used for
BloomStix is used for

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many sticks in one pack?

Answer:  Each pack contains 50 sticks.

Q. How much time will I get my parcel?

Answer: If you order now, it will ship today. Average delivery time is 3 days. 

Q. Can I use any other fertiliser with this stix?

Answer: After inserting the sticks you don't need to use any other fertilizer.

Q. How much time will I get the result?

Answer:  You will start seeing the result of these sticks between 30-45 days.

Q. Is it organic? Does it have chemicals? 

Answer: These sticks are completely natural, just like your plant babies!!

 If you are new to gardening, you can try our trial pack which contains 1 pack of Greenstix & 1 pack of Bloomstix.

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