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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

Lazygardener plant fertilizer food for Tomato and Vegetables

***All Purpose Fertilizer for Tomatoes in pots***
Fertilizer stick for bigger and bountiful tomatoes in pots
LazyGardener fertiliser sticks for tomato: GreenStix and BloomStix
Plant food for tomato and vegetables
  • Hassle-free - Completely mess-free unlike normal fertilizer.
  • Essential Nutrition - For best growth of your tomatoes and vegetables.
  • Slow-Release - Continuous feed for up to 60 days.


Greenstick provides complete health growth for tomato and other vegetables in pots. Bloomstick is a bloom booster for flowers in vegetable which grow from it. 


Plant food sticks for houseplants


What nutrients do tomato plants need?

For juicy, bigger & bountiful, healthy tomatoes proper macronutrients is a must. Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus. Other micro-nutrients are also needed by tomato plant. The Ratio of these macro and micronutrients differ during fruiting and non-fruiting periods.


Lazy Gardener Green Stick: During the non-fruiting period


For lush green leaves and complete growth of a tomato plant, they need high nitrogen. Buy Greenstix, it provides all nutrients for tomatoes during the growing period. Greenstick also works for green houseplants, leafy vegetables.


Lazy Gardener Bloom Stick: During fruiting period


For bigger and large amount of tomato, they need high phosphorus and low nitrogen. Bloom stick, contains high phosphorus for bloom booster for tomato flower. Bloomstix also works for all flowering plants, colourful leaves, fruit & vegetable. 
if you want to order Greenstix and Bloomstix, WhatsApp us on +919319900314.