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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

The Making of Ceramic Magnetic Planters- Handcrafted in India

How the idea came up? What's need in making of Magnetic Planters?

It is believed that having plants in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration. In the current scenario when most people are working either from homes or in sparsely staffed offices, they are always on the lookout for some innovative ways to add some greens to such spaces in order to destress and feel relaxed. Our Magnetic Planters do exactly that - a product that combines your love for interior décor, ceramics & plants. These beautiful planters give accessibility to bring plants closer to you in a creative way. Just stick it on any iron surface, add water & place your favorite plants in it.

1. Magnetic Planter Moulds & Soil Paste: We start by mixing a special variety of soil  water. Once this comes to a right consistency, the soil paste is poured into moulds in the shape of the Magnetic Planter. Once these dry up, it is ready for next process.
2. Shaping, Touching, & Sun Drying: All raw moulds taken out from the moulds  are easily breakable, not ready to use immediately. Once all these are given proper shape, they need to pass the water test and then finally are kept to dry in the sun.

3. Colors, Design, Hand-Painting: After these planters are sun dried, they are ready to be hand-painted. The colors used by us are all-natural, extracted from mineral stones that is specially imported from Belgium or select local markets in India. Every artisans is provided with the particular design  to work on, on the planters.



4. Glazing: Before baking, we dip these planters in a glaze depending on if they need a glossy or a mat finish.




5. Finishing & Quality Check: After glazing, all the pieces are kept in a wooden box & sent for baking.  Once they are baked, each piece is checked for any damage. Heavy-duty magnets are then glued  on to these planters & checked on magnetic surface by the team.

A Journey - How sand shaped into our Magnetic Planters?