Beginner pack

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Product Description

Your plants are hungry. Feed them with Lazy Gardener plant food.

Don't let your plant babies go hungry and suffer. Fed well with these plant food sticks. Perfect balanced nutrition for thriving and vibrant house plants.

Open the Pack. Measure the diameter of the pot and Insert depending on pot size(table on the back of the pack).

While you insert, make sure the soil is moist and press the stick into the soil until fully inserted. Replenish every 45-60days.

During watering nutrients are gradually released into the soil, depending on the amount of water made available. Safe for all flowering plants

All Flowering Plant food sticks

  • For all flowering plants (Annuals/Perennials).
  • Plants with colorful leaves, and
  • Fruits/Veggies which grow from flowers.

All-Purpose Plant food sticks

  1. Useful for all green houseplants
  2. For green leafy vegetables
  3. For Lush Green foliage.

Beginner pack
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