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Gardening Mat & Garden Tool Set

Original price Rs. 1,499.00 - Original price Rs. 1,599.00
Original price
Rs. 1,499.00
Rs. 1,499.00 - Rs. 1,599.00
Current price Rs. 1,499.00
Gardening Mat: Medium- Royal Blue(23 * 23 Inch)
Garden Tool Set: Red (Khurpi & Scoop Set)


The right gardening tools are as essential as the right seeds for planting. Basic gardening tools are a must to nourish and take proper care of your beautiful garden. Lazy Gardener brings you a stylish and sustainable gardening tool set & gardening mat to grow and rear your garden with delight.
Gardening Mat
  • Available in 2 convenient sizes: 23x23 inches & 32x32 inches and in 2 gorgeous colors - Royal Blue & Bright Green respectively.
  • Versatile waterproof fabric prevents water from leaking to the ground and avoids soiling the floor.
  • Easy to carry and clean, foldable and convenient to store after use.
  • Reusable, washable, sustainable.

What's special about our Gardening Mat?

1. The mat is supported with 2 snap buttons at each corner, which when buttoned up create a wall that easily prevents water and soil from spilling out.
2. The snap buttons used in the mats are plastic, not metal, to avoid the rusting of buttons.
3. Can be used in shopping for plants while bringing them by car from the nursery to your Home Sweet Home, mess free!
4. Makes for an oh-so-thoughtful gift for any plant parent.

Garden Tool Set(Stainless Steel Khurpi + Soil Scool)

The 100% stainless steel adds the charm of strength and durability. Both Khurpi and Scoop are must-have tools to nurture quarters of flower beds, handle seeds, transplanting, and place bulbs. Our perfectly shaped Khurpi and scoop enable you to gently move the soil without harming your beloved seeds and plants. 

About the Khurpi- A Khurpi or trowel is a flat and bladed masonry tool used for smooth surfaces. The Lazy gardener Khurpi is designed to dig small holes, transplant seeds, plant bulbs, and much more. It looks a lot like a finely crafted miniature shovel with sharp and narrow blades. This unique design makes our Khurpi convenient for weeding and uprooting stubborn weeds. 

  • The shape is perfect for small to medium-sized pots. 
  • The 100% stainless steel is shiny, sturdy, and doesn't make the tool unnecessarily heavy. 
  • The tool is crafted with aesthetic prints on the ceramic handles that not only feel good to hold but even great to flaunt!
  • With a height of 8 inches that includes 3.5 inches of the metal part, its reach is perfect for small and medium-sized plants. 
  • You get the vibrant red color only with the combos. 
  • About the Scoop- A soil scoop is a head-mounted gardening tool with a sturdy handle. It is excellent to scoop potting soil, prepare seed furrows, dig, and weed with a perfect edging pressure that cuts through the roots of the plants. Lazy Gardener has a beautiful ceramic-crafted soil scoop perfect for digging holes and transferring soils to your planter or pots. 

    • The 100% stainless steel is shiny, sturdy, and doesn't make the tool unnecessarily heavy. 
    • The soil transfer becomes smooth, effortless, and a non-messy fun activity with our perfectly sized scoop. 
    • We bring the art of local artisans who handcraft the ceramic handle with a pleasing design to make you relish your gardening experience.
Stainless Steel Gardening Tools With Ceramic Handles
Soil Scoop and Khurpi Gardening Tool

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