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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

Plant Care Kit (3 in 1 Specialized Liquids Kit)

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A combination of 3 specialized liquids that help restore the soil ecosystem for your plants. In nature, decaying matter and abundance of microbes automatically creates a balanced ecosystem, suitable for plants to thrive. Plant care kit by Lazy Gardener helps you create a similar balance for plants in your garden - whether in pots or in ground. 

​​For best results, the Lazy Gardener plant care kit should be used in conjunction with good quality fertilizers like Greenstix and Bloomstix. So now You are one step closer to having happier, healthier houseplants.

Specially formulated in liquid form for easy application.

Useful For

Plant Care kit is suitable for all types of houseplants, kitchen garden plants, herbs, and fruiting plants, terrace garden, indoor plants, lawn grass.

>> Why Lazy Gardener’s Growth Boost?

1. Natural Soil Conditioner.
2. Enhances overall growth & strength. 
3. Increases yield.

4. Improves absorption of fertilizers.

>> Why Root Boost?

  1. Restores soil’s living ecosystem.
  2. Enhances roots growth.
  3. Increases water uptake of plant.
  4. Increases nutrient uptake.

    >> Why Plant Tonic?

     1. Ensures absorption of nutrients rapidly. 
     2. Prevents micro-nutrient deficiency in plants.  
     3. Nurtures healthy growth of plants.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews

    Impressive outcome. My plants became more greenish and 3x growth. Just tried it on trial and error basis and the medicine actually works.

    How to use and apply all these plants care kits, please do show me by videos either be written form

    I,m your online products shoppers and would like to asking you regarding how to apply and use all these plants care kits in systematically