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Best Hanging basket plants

Best Hanging basket plants

Are all the surfaces in your house filled with plants? Is every inch of your floor crammed with planters? Are you giving up hope of getting more plants because there's just no space? Just when you thought it's over, hanging plants come into the picture. Now you can fill your whole ceiling with hooks for plants. (Please don't blame me if the roof falls.) *, fill the roof with caution* :)

5 best hanging plants.

1.Creeping inch/Turtle vine 

These are hardy plants that will give a delicate beautiful feel to any space. They grow fast and root easily. They are very delicate so you may want to move them gently. But even if a few parts break off, put them in some soil and they'll root! They like well-draining soil and I have noticed they are very forgiving when it comes to watering. I only water when soil is dry. They do well in bright light and can tolerate low light as well. They are also very affordable. I got mine at my favourite nursery for just 100 rupees.

Creeping inch/Turtle vine

2.Money plant or Pothos

This just had to have a mention. A money plant essential in every house. It grows very fast in the right light conditions. To make it nice and bushy, cut back come of the leggy stems (at the node) and place them back in the hanging pot to propagate. Keep the soil slightly moist and fertilise once a month in the summers. Pothos has so many varieties and different kinds of variegated leaves, all of which are very easy to take care of.

Money plant or Pothos

3.Wandering Jew

This plant is so pretty! The leaves have fading lines and the bottoms of the leaves are a pretty shade of purple. It can add colour to a dull corner while growing fast and cascading down to create a curtain of plants. It can live in any soil (with some drainage) and bright indirect light. They like slightly moist soil but not soggy. You will see a lot of healthy stray Wandering Jews growing on the sides of the road. That just tells you how easy it is to take care of this plant.


Wandering Jew


It's not necessary to only put vining plants in hanging planters. A full lush Boston fern in a planter would look brilliant! In my experience Ferns take just a few weeks to get a hang of. They need moist soil, indirect bright light and hate direct sunlight. So, it's a perfect plant to keep indoors near a curtained window.


5.Purslane/ Office goers

These plants have the prettiest blooms. They flower in the morning at around 8.30 when you’re leaving for office and close as you come back from work. They are also hard-working individuals okay! They like bright light and water when the top few inches are dry. They grow extremely fast and propagate very easily.

Purslane/ Office goers


That’s it, guys!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Until next time,
Gayatri Vaidya ©





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