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Easy to care and low-maintenance Indoor plants

Top 5 Hard to kill Indoor plants

Some of us don't have a knack to care for plants. We may have killed a few plants. It's okay! No judgement. But we’re going to fix that.

I’m going to tell you about a few plants that even if you try really hard, it’ll be difficult to kill. These are some extremely Easy to care, indoor plants.

Get your notebooks out or you know, just screenshot this. 


Is anybody surprised? These guys may be the top of any and every list I ever make.  Snake plants are the strongest plants you’ll ever have. They just don’t die. Ever. They love to dry out between watering. So, you can trust them to not die out on you. But keep this in mind. Don’t overwater these plants. Other than that, these plants will do you proud.



These plants are so cool. They don’t need attention, or a pot, or even soil. They just survive on air. You can just pick them up, put them in a place where they’ll get some indirect sunlight and forget it for like a week. Every week, just soak them in water for around an hour or so and then forget it again. That’s it!




Its scientific name is Zamioculcas Zamifolia. But let's just stick to ZZ shall we? I assure you the care is not as hard as its scientific name. This plant likes indirect bright light. Zz’s care is similar to the snake plant. Water it only when the soil is completely dry, don’t overwater. It will appreciate your negligence.





You get this plant home and your mother or your grandmother will be so proud. All mothers love Aloe Vera. With good reason. It's very easy to take care of and in my experience, it grows very fast. It likes bright light, water when the soil is dry, it stores it’s water in the leaves so it can survive if you miss a watering day. It also has so many uses. The gel inside the leaves is great for your skin and it has medicinal properties. If you get a cough, your mother will make you take a gulp of the gel and it will taste disgusting but it helps.





It's lush, it's green, it's tropical, it’s also easy to take care of. It makes a great desk plant. It does not like direct sunlight which makes it perfect for indoors. They like slightly moist soil. But don’t keep the soil soaked. You can water it a little less frequently in the winters. Other than that, a great way to bring in the tropical feel inside your homes.






I hope you have a lovely day!

Until next time,

Gayatri Vaidya

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