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Non-Toxic(safe) Plants for your Kids

Non-Toxic(safe) Plants for your Kids

It’s possible that as a parent (plant and human) you may have a problem deciding which plants to keep around a kid. Maybe you have a newborn in the house and you’ve baby-proofed the whole house. But just because a baby is crawling around, doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all your plants. You just fill the house with non-toxic plants that safe for children.

Let me first clarify that Nontoxic doesn’t mean it’s edible. It means that it is safe for children to touch. So as long as kids aren’t eating these plants, they’re good to go!

Let’s look at some non-toxic plants that are safe to keep around children!

1.Spider Plant:

This plant has so many features! Its air purifying, it’s easy to grow, does well in low light and on top of everything, it's non-toxic!

It is a very nice house plant to have. It likes well-draining soil and likes to be very slightly moist. It can be kept in indirect light even if it's bright or low! Its leaves are very nicely coloured and the plant can add a nice texture on a plain table or dull corner!

Spider Plant


It is a plant that very pretty bold colours! It is known to be an outdoor plant, but it grows well indoors as well. These plants are safe for children but not for animals. They like slightly moist soil. don’t let them dry out and don’t make the soil soggy. They like bright indirect light. They have beautiful red/ magenta leaves that draw the eye!


3. Dracaena Fragrans:

If you tend to forget to water, this plant is perfect. Its drought tolerant and make for great statement pieces. It can tolerate low light and need to be watered only when soil is dry. Very easy right! They’re also safe for children!

Dracaena Fragrans


4.Wandering Jew:

A great vining plant that is very easy to grow. It has very pretty leaves and is fast growing. Its care needs are next to nothing. They can tolerate any amounts of light, any type of soil and water when the top few inches of the soil is dry. It is known for rooting extremely fast. So, you can propagate these to create many more plants!

Wandering Jew

5. Any herbs!

You can grow your own herb garden at home which is safe for kids as its edible! A 2-fold reason for growing more herbs! r Most herbs need bright indirect light and can be grown indoors as well! You can read more in detail about some easy herbs in my ‘Herb garden’ blog post!



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