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List of Plants that are Poisonous to your Pets.

List of Plants that are Poisonous to your Pets.

Along with being a plant parent, I have two other very important babies. Meet my loves, Pidu and Okhi. They are 3 and 2 years old respectively. 

Cat sitting near plantsCat lying on a desk

You guys might also have animal babies and want what's best for them. So it’s very important to make yourself aware of some things that can be harmful to your babies, like toxic plants. So, let’s see some plants that you may not want to keep at home or, keep it out of reach from your animal babies.


Also known as Dumbcane does exactly what its name suggests. They are beautiful plants but if consumed, it can cause serious irritation in the throat. It can even cause the airway to swell up and close, making it difficult to breathe. It can also temporarily take away the ability to speak; hence the name.


2. Elephants ear:

This beautiful Majestic plant can grow extremely large and it looks like something from Alice in wonderland! But sadly, they can be quite toxic. Its genus is called Colocasia, but the giant leaves that look just like the ear of an elephant are where it gets its name. If your pets eat any part of this plant, it can cause difficulty swallowing, increased salivation and oral irritation.

Elephants ear plant

3.Money Plant:

Now, this plant is so common and we wouldn't even think twice before buying one. But it’s a shame it’s not very nice for the animal babies. Pothos can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and excessive salivation if consumed.

Money Plant

4.Aloe Vera:

Although this plant is extremely medicinal to humans, it can cause an upset stomach in animals if consumed. It can make them vomit or even cause diarrhoea.

Aloe Vera

5.Peace Lily:

Very pretty plants but they contain calcium oxalate crystals. If your pet eats this plant, these crystals penetrate the pet’s tissues and can hurt a lot. It can cause burning in the mouth, vomiting and excessive drooling.

Peace Lily

6.Sago Palm:

A very popular plant that gives you the feeling of having a mini coconut tree right in your house. But it is very toxic. All the parts can be poisonous to your pets. If ingested, it can cause liver failure and can be fatal.

Sago Palm

7.Tomato Plant:

I know strange right?! Humans eat tomatoes almost every day. But before you plant tomatoes in your garden, consider the fact that it can cause weakness, diarrhoea, vomiting and disorientation in your pets.

Tomato Plant

I hope you have a lovely day!

Until next time,

Gayatri Vaidya©

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