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Free Shipping on Orders Above 849 | Prepaid Discount is available

BloomStix for Roses

Bloom Booster for Roses and flowers

fertilizer for flowering plants in pots in india


**Hassle-Free, Slow-Release & Bloom Booster**
LazyGardener BloomStix - rose fertilizer


The easiest way to make your garden full of roses. The innovative LazyGardener fertilizer food sticks for roses and flowers to bloom. 
Bloom stix, food for roses is mineral-based natural plant fertilizer sticks. it boosts the growth of flowers in rose plants as well as other flowering plants. 



Why use Bloomstick? - Best fertilizer food sticks for Roses in pots

LazyGardener plant food for roses provides a primary macro & micro-nutrients to your plants. All flowering plants need proper nutrients during its flowering season.

  • Bloom Booster for Roses

  • BloomStix contains N-P-K as Macro-Nutrients. Boron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron and Molybdenum as Micro-Nutrients. All flowering plants with roses need low nitrogen, potassium and high phosphorus fertilizer.
    During the flowering season, rose needs phosphorus more. Phosphorus promotes flowering and helps to develop strong roots. Bloom sticks have exact nutrients what roses need.
  • Hassle-Free plant food sticks
  • These fertilizer sticks are very easy to use in seconds & mess-free. Unlike, normal traditional fertilizer which involves efforts & time.
    Apply Bloomstix into the moist soil and forget it for 60 days!
    BloomStix for Roses and flowers


  • Slow-Release plant food for rose 

    Say no to any guesswork because bloom stick provides nutrients to your rose plants for 2 months. 

     Can you believe it? Feed your plants for 2 months! How?

    As you water, a small amount of stick release into the soil and finally absorbed by roots.

    Bloom stick for potted plants:

    • All color Roses in pots
    • All other flowering plants 
    • All colorful leaves plant like Aglaonema, variegated Pothos, Bougainvillea, Sansevieria etc
    • All fruiting and vegetables which grow from flowers. Like Brinjal, Cucumber, Okra, Lemon tree, Mango in pots.


    To order BloomStix for your rose plant babies, WhatsApp us on +919319900304.


    Note: Use Lazy Gardener Bloomstick during the flowering season of the plants. For the rest of the period use Lazy Gardener Greenstick - food sticks for green and healthy plants.